Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Been neglected my blog for almost 1 year. 
It's time to write something :)

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I'm gonna turn 20-year-old this year. *holymama*

To those who think internship is fun, please erase your thought. 
If you're not ready for the reality life, please.. stay home. 
I'm definitely not ready & is a challenging 5 months for me. 
Hopefully, I can plan a wedding party someday or soon? *cheers*


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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother! 

Is a special day for mother.. 
Appreciate them before is too late
Thanks to my grandma for cooking dinner everyday without failed..
And thanks to my mum for nagging me everyday without failed too! :D

Celebrated Mother's day with my big family..
Oh ya, besides Mother's day, is also my grandpa birthday!
That's why we ate lotsa nice food! 
How i wish everyday is a family gathering! (:

One person one cake, don't need to fight! #Cake from RTPastry

The Yong's,Ng's, and Lim's family. 

And so, to appreciate the mothers'.. They are awarded a certificate! :D
P/S: is only for 2012 yeah! 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

ONCE AGAIN! Blog has been neglected by me :(
It's been a lifeless month..

There's many bad news happened in 2012, 
I thought that it would be a great year for me.

Unfortunately, the answer is NO!
My great granny passed away during Chinese New Year.. 
And our family didn't really celebrate it... 
She leave this world peacefully without any worries, WE <3 HER

*I'm still a little cute kiddie* *great granny on the right :)*

Secondly, my friend passed away...
We've known each other for twelve year.
We're in the same primary school, secondary school, and even same college.
This is FATE between us. 
Unfortunately, I would never met you again.. 

As conclusion, Life's short! Appreciate it! 
If 2012 is really doomsday, we left 270DAYS only! 
What a big number yet short period.. 
My little wish before doomsday arrive...
I wanna live happily and not EMO everyday! 
I'm Stupid  :P

Friday, January 13, 2012

Awww.. It's 2012 and I'm turning to 19 soon! *ohmygeee*
While 2012 is mentioned, everyone thought of doomsday?

OHHHNOOO! Think too much! 
Who did you kissed on your NewYearEve
I didn't kissed anyone, but I had a great night with cousin and friends! Wootts
ByTheWay.. Should start up my 1st post with a New Year Resolution (:


I want a better life.. Away myself from all the scheming people aka Faker! 

Own a new laptop!! YEAH, a brand new one! Hopefully I can get it on my Birthday.. Anyone willing to sponsor me one? :D

Get a good grade for my cgpa, at least 3.0!! I'm not that greedy right? So, I should start my revision now instead of the night before of final! *I doubt everyone did the same* hohoho

Improve my English!!! Well, I do improving my English everyday by watching Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries etc. Oopppss, but it works :) I shall keep it up! 

SAVE MONEY! Should reduce my usage on entertainment.. I've watched more than 5movies in less than a month. Ohgoshh, please treat me for a movie! Cinema is my only peaceful place. 


#Six aka last
Another happy journey with my friends (: 

Alright, my New Year Resolution list kinda short.. HAHA.
Between, is still starting of the month.. More to come! Weeee (Y)
and and.. Semester 3 had started, and i get to know my final date is the day after my birthday! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Craving for an Iphone 4s? Is officially happening in Malaysia since 16th Dec 2011!
What are you still waiting for?
Just grab it without hesitation from your nearest Digi Store! :)
"Digi" the most affordable plan + "Iphone4s" the amazing phone = Is totally FABULOUS!


Let's see how affordable is the plan..
So, there's 3 type of plan named iDiGi88,138 and 238..
You can get FREE voice call, sms, mms and also internet data with ONE PRICE!

If you've exceed you FREE monthly usage, is okay..
Digi wouldn't barred you from using it..
Just pay the extra charges for voice call, sms and mms!
Exclude INTERNET data.. No extra charges for it.. :)
This is the specialty of DIGI! 

This is the Iphone4s price with the iDiGi plans!
It is worth to buy!! 

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Buddies around me stays HAPPY!
Non stop of partying!
Unlimited Cash
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